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Postby Patrick Hill » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:25 pm

Well we survived the NE foray. Photos taken at the new locations of Hartlepool, Seaham and South Shields. Can recommend the hotel George, little pricey for us common folk mind but it was a special treat. Unfortunately room booked with river view was right above the cellar coolers - sounded like we onboard a ship all night :( We did get a call from the reception as someone else had complained of noise so we said yes we could hear it too. However Bev had a little word with the reception next morning and we got an upgrade to a suite and a £50 discount - was a bonus and the views were so much better! So if you go enquire on the cost of room 216 ;)

Photos to upload when I've gone through them - weather wasn't brilliant and most movements were early or late (tides were around 6ish) but the new camera has given some more than acceptable results. River was very quiet, didn't get chance to venture further North to Blyth though.

Thanks for all the advice gents :)

Patrick Hill
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