Hawthorn Leslies

Hawthorn Leslies

Postby Nighttrucker » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:57 pm

An Ariel View of Hawthorn Leslies in 1945 not sure if this has been posted before apologies if it has.

ALAMEIN & SAINTES Fitting out at Hawthorn Leslies - Copy.jpg
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Re: Hawthorn Leslies

Postby E28 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:20 pm

Thanks Dave,

although annotated as Agincourt and Saintes the jpeg states Alamein and Saintes possibly in error.

The 2 Battle class destroyers fitting out it is the more complete Saintes on the outside launched 19 July 1944, her pendant 84 legible. Agincourt inboard slid down the slip the following winter Jan 29th 1945.
They were only half sisters 1st and 2nd group respectively.

So, where is Alamein which H L launched 28th May 1945, Jutland is also on a slip, although cancelled she was plated and launched 2nd November 1945 then duly used in assorted trials, not as extensive as Oudenarde from S H which i have covered elsewhere. Not to be confused with the Jutland which did enter service, she was the ex Malplaquet from Stephens. Then there is also Mons which was laid down 29th June 45 but duly dismantled in frame.

Bottom line is - exact date please.
Thats all folks. Sean.
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Re: Hawthorn Leslies

Postby Nighttrucker » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:41 pm

I Think the best date would be 1945 i know it's not much use but it's all i know.
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Re: Hawthorn Leslies

Postby Whickham » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:55 pm

Remember "somebody" has assigned names to these ships in the caption.
SAN VIRGILIO was delivered by Hawthorn Leslie in 1945 as EMPIRE NEPTUNE.
From the local press reports she arrived back on the Tyne 20/08/1946 still called EMPIRE NEPTUNE.
By 31/08/1946 she is listed as SAN VIRGILIO ex EMPIRE NEPTUNE.
She left the Tyne for Curacao as SAN VIRGILIO on 14/09/1946
So that dates the photo somewhere between 20/08/1946 to 14/09/1946
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Re: Hawthorn Leslies

Postby magoonigal » Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:17 pm

The Photograph comes from an official R & W Hawthorn, Leslie publication, OUR SHIPS AT WAR 1939-1945 and is a tribute to the Men and Women who worked in the yard. It lists all the ships built and records but does not name all the Warships and Merchant ships docked and repaired over the period. The photograph is titled "The Shipyard as it is today" and is dated 1946.
The bits that are left off this picture are:- VESSELS FITTING OUT. "Refrigerated Cargo Motorship HORNBY GRANGE for Houlder Line Ltd" and "H. M. Flotilla Leaders AGINCOURT and SAINTES for British Admiralty."

The next page has a picture of the PORT LYTTELTON with the launch platform in place and she took to the water on the 10th September 1946.
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