FWL1 New Holland Scrapyard

Shipping and shipbreaking at New Holland and Barrow Haven

FWL1 New Holland Scrapyard

Postby Humbersmith1 » Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:46 pm

The remains of what appears to be a Dutch inland vessel at New Holland today. The letters FWL1 are on the bridge. The builders plate is inscribed "Machinefabriek Brabant D.V. Opstal B.V. Zevenbergen".


Any information as to identity and when she arrived would be appreciated.


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Re: FWL1 New Holland Scrapyard

Postby northeast » Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:35 am

Came in under the radar!
I have put an enquiry on a Dutch forum for inland waterway craft.
Cheers, George
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