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1880, 1713grt
Thomas Turnbull & Sons, Whitby (69) as LIZZIE ENGLISH for G.Pyman, West Hartlepool
1910 ADALANDS, Norway
She was sunk by German submarine UC 44 on 08.03.1917 off Fastnet Rock on voyage Rufisque (Senegal) – Hull.
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Re: ADALANDS - 1880

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There is uncertainty whether she was sunk on the 7th or 8th March 1917. All crew survived.

Her assailant UC-44 was of the small mine layer UC40-45 class built by A G Vulcan, Hamburg in 1916 and all 6 were war losses including 44 and 42 both lost to their own mines off Southern Ireland.

UC-44 did 6 patrols all under Kapitanleutnant Kurt Tebbenjohanns sinking 28 and taking 1 vessel. On 4 August 1917 he was the only survivor when one of her mines deployed prematurely and blew her stern off taking all 29 others down with her.

She was duly raised and scrapped, this link reveals more...
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