Whitby visitors - POLE STAR & SERENISSIMA

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Whitby visitors - POLE STAR & SERENISSIMA

Postby Poyntonian » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:21 pm

A couple of visitors to Whitby last week as seen from the beach.
POLE STAR 30/8/16
POLE STAR 30/8/16

Northern Lighthouse board's buoy/lighthouse tender POLE STAR attending to a buoy just north of the piers on 30/8/16.
1174 gt. built Ferguson Shipbuilders, Pt. Glasgow (709) in 2000.


Premier Cruises SERENISSIMA (St. Vincent) anchored off for a brief visit on 1/9/16.
2568 gt. built Trondjems M/V, Trondheim (244) in 1960 as HARALD JARL for Det Nordenfjeldske D/S, Trondheim. She became ANDREA in 2002 and SERENISSIMA in 2012.
HARALD JARL-740-reduced.jpg
HARALD JARL, Bergen, 26/8/1981
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