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The 200 ton Dutch coaster 'Rejo' built in 1940 working cargo at Whitby.
Taken over by Germany during WW2 she was returned to her original owners and gave many years useful service under the Dutch flag. She became the Guernsey registered 'Alderney Courier' before being based in the West Indies. By 1992 she was in poor condition and after being condemned was stripped and abandoned.

An old Whitby viewcard.
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REJO at Whitby

Postby northeast » Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:24 am

Fine postcard view of Whitby which can de dated 1955-1956 as REJO carried that name for this short period. Built in 1940 as TASMAN, later names from Miramar:
41 WIM - 54 CAPRICORN - 55 REJO - 56 WILCA - 65 REIGER - 70 ALDERNEY COURIER and broken up 1991.
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