Wagenborg barge 11

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Wagenborg barge 11

Postby gratkinson62 » Wed May 17, 2017 3:50 pm

Wagenborg Barge 11 has been in the port since back end of January, early February. I had forgotten she was originally in the South Harbour before being sent up to No 37 Jetty until last week. IHS Engineering, based in the South Harbour, have been constructing a structure onshore in the South Harbour for a ship under construction in China and the barge was obviously fixed to load it earlier this year.
Depending on who tells you what the ship has not been built or has been built but the owners refused delivery and told the Chinese it was unseaworthy and to scrap it. Anyway the operation to load it onto the barge, it is now going to Battleship Wharf for 'storage', has had to wait until now for suitable tides.
And here is the good bit. The barge has been in the South Harbour for over a week and, apparently, this bit of kit has new stuff which it's maker does not want its competitors to know about :o So no photographs please and don't post them on social media. Well I don't do faceybook or Tw@tter

wagenborg barge 11 & tug.JPG
1st Feb being taken from South Harbour ro No 37 Jetty

wagenborg barge 11.JPG
1st February

wagenborg barge 11 south harbour.JPG
Tuesday 9th May


crane & barge.JPG

crane 2.JPG
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Re: Wagenborg barge 11

Postby magoonigal » Wed May 17, 2017 10:08 pm

Couple more pictures from a different angle on Steve Ellwoods site.
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