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ATHINA LIVANOS, Stavros G. Livanos (Greece), 4824gt,
completed by William Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool, 10-1936
29/11/1943 torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-27 in 12.20N 44.00E
on passage Lourenco Marques for Beirut and Tripoli with coal.
There were 25 survivors, but 11 others were lost.

Still a fairly new ship, she ran aground off Redcar on 28 February 1937 (photo - Jack Wright):

See also: ... os1936.htm

In Tees Packet no. 205 for February 2016, editor Derek Hinds provided fuller information:
The Greek owned, 4,824grt general cargo ship had been launched on 3rd September 1936,
completed October 1936, by Wm. Gray & Co., at Hartlepool as yard No.1065. She was steam driven by a
three cylinder triple expansion engine which gave her a service speed of 10.5 knots. Following an engine
malfunction when crossing Tees Bay she ended up on the beach at Redcar. She was refloated and reentered
service for S.G. Livanos until she was attacked and sunk by the Japanese submarine I-27 in the Gulf
of Aden, on 29th November 1943.
The Japanese submarine I-27 (Commander Fukumura), had been built by Sasebo, Nagasaki
Prefecture, Japan, and was commissioned on 24th February 1942. Following her sinking of the s.s. KHEDIVE
ISMAIL [7,309grt/1922] (ex ACONCAGUA; Ld. as TIRUR), near to the Maldive’s on 12th February 1944. She
was found and brought to the surface by depth charges from the two destroyers HMS PALADIN, and HMS
PETARD, (ex PERSISTENT), (both of 1,540tons displacement and built in 1941), rammed, and then
torpedoed, she was sunk with 99 of her crew killed, only one survived and was captured.

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