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Postby northeast » Sat Mar 02, 2024 6:19 pm


The sites that are managed by me in a package that includes this NE forum, plus the Tees, Sunderland and English/Irish shipyard databases, is now at almost 89% capacity and some drastic measures are needed if photos are to continue to be added across all sections, without limits. I don't want to have to restrict that!

The shipbuilders sections of this forum are running in parallel with the databases and were added at a time when the databases were far less developed, and did not cover all of the NE region. I see the databases as being the top priority, as they are open to the world and his dog, outside of any membership requirements. They generate many family enquiries and a constant supply of extra photos and information, which are not relayed into NEmaritime. Consequently they give a much better coverage of the NE shipyards than are shown here.

Therefore it's my intention to gradually delete the shipbuilder board content from here, most of the photos are in the databases but if you have any that you have contributed without a back-up in your own files, NOW is the time to download them!

This excludes the Tyne yards which I shall leave at Dave's discretion, if the others go then it will relieve enough pressure for now.
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