Dunston Flour Mill

Dunston Flour Mill

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The CWS flour mill opened for business in 1891 and was extended in 1908 ( and a new soap works opened nearby at this time.)
The mill came to generate the major part of import traffic on the river above the Tyne bridge. In the 1930's a new set of grain silos were introduced, built on reclaimed riverbank, they had a storage capacity of some 2,500 tons. The mill and soap works were demolished in 1980.
My introduction to the mill came about in the early 1960's through a school pal whose father occupied the post of Grain/Wharf Superintendent at the mill. ( any surviving founder members of the Tyneside Branch of the W.S.S. may remember Fred Ashley, and son Peter, who hailed from Merseyside.
Peter and I enjoyed quite a number of visits to the mill, especially when there was a ship due. The biggest ship I can recall was a Liberty which rejoiced in the name of SEA HORSE. Perhaps the highlight of our visits was the day we were invited aboard the HOPERIDGE which having discharged her cargo was to make her way down to Swan Hunters at Wallsend for dry docking. Our vantage point on the ships bridge was excellent as we passed the bridges and quayside at Newcastle, and the other points of interest on the way. Unfortunately it was a very wet day which resulted in no photography.
On at least two occasions Fred accompanied Peter and I up to the roof of the mill where we could look down on the proceedings below. In the attached view CORMOAT is discharging grain which she had brought over from the continent, as a transhipment.
The "Cory Boats" were of course usually associated with the North East Coast coal trade but they were employed on duties such as this from time to time.
A patch of sunlight is illuminating CORMOAT on what is otherwise a gloomy day. Just downstream Dunston Staithes has plenty of custom, while two TIC hoppers go about their business in midstream. Shipbreaking seems in full swing in the shadow of the Redheugh Bridge.
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