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Sunderland Ship Building Company, South Dock 1918.

4,666 Gross. 12 knots.

Subsequent History:

Disposal Data:

sm/t (U-13) 57.38N/1.45W 30.10.39 (3*) [Montreal-Leith, wheat & general]
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O.N. 140707. 4,666g. 2,806n. 8,000d. 390.2 x 53.1 x 33.7 feet.
T.3-cyl. (28”, 46” & 75” x 51”) by Blair & Company Ltd. Stockton. 550nhp. 12 kts.
29.11.1917: Launched by Sunderland Shipbuilding Company Ltd., Sunderland (Yard No. 313) for the Cairn Line of Steamships Company Ltd (Cairns, Noble & Company Ltd., managers), Newcastle.
28.2.1918: Registered at Newcastle
3.1918: Completed.
15.6.1918: Torpedoed in North Sea, but reached port safely although 3 lives were lost.
23.12.1923: Instrumental in the rescue of the crew of the sinking CZARINA ( g./ )in the North Atlantic
16.11.1935: Whilst in the River Tyne collided with steam trawler, DORILEEN (No 18) from Aberdeen.
17.10.1939: Under command of Captain F. E. Derick William Fairley and 41 crew, departed from Halifax on voyage from Montreal and Halifax to Leith and the Tyne, with general cargo including copper and grain. She was initially in convoy HX5 that subsequently divided off Scotland and then became part of convoy HX 5 B comprising of 16 ships.
30.10.1939: Having dispersed from the convoy, was sunk with a torpedo by the German submarine UB13 (Daublebsky Von Eichhain), in a position 49.57N., 07.37W., off Peterhead. 3 lives were lost.
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