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Caught during a short time under this name, and not sure why she has a flag on her side (Spanish Civil War perhaps?)

1924, 1495grt
Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Sunderland yard (1223) as ISLINGTON for H. Harrison (Shipping)., London
Sank off Northfleet on 22/12/1926 after a collision with SHAHRISTAN, CTL
Bought by Grangemouth Dockyard in 1927 and repaired
1927 LILBURN, Smith, Hogg & Co., West Hartlepool
1938 POLMELA, Eclipse Spg. & Trading Co. (J.J.Thomas), West Hartlepool
1938 TRANSEAS, Continental Transit Co., London
Requisitioned by Admiralty and scuttled as a blockship in Zeebrugge Roads, 25/05/1940
Cheers, George
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