Ministry of Supply & Admiralty Merchant Ship numbers in WW2

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Ministry of Supply & Admiralty Merchant Ship numbers in WW2

Postby E28 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:10 pm

This is a subject i have only recently become aware of.

The subject is the allocation of order numbers to many new build merchant ships by the Ministry of Supply and/or the Admiralty as Admiralty Merchant Ship, the MoS and A/MS respectively.

These numbers appear to have been issued upon ordering of the ship/vessel from 1939 through the war, but appear limited to those Ocean going ships, maybe above a certain grt, or, those ordered by the Ministry of Supply, not to be confused with the Ministry of Shipping.

Can those more knowledgeable than me confirm if the MoS & A/MS numbers are one and the same, or otherwise.
It all seems rather convoluted.

These numbers are in no way associated with builders yard numbers, or any other numbers, so are there complete lists available, and where are they located.

For example SS Empire Cameron was ordered from Denny yno 1358 in 1941, ordered by A/MS for Ministry of Shipping, then has the MoS number 65.
Thats all folks. Sean.
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