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Coll. Stan Threadgould

1883, 691gt
D. Baxter, North Sands, Sunderland (28) for Charlton, McAllum & Co., Newcastle
1908 GLEN TILT, J. Cook & Son, Aberdeen
1925 ROCCO, Carmine Vitello di R., Torre del Greco
1940 QUADRIFOGLIO, Orazio Rossini, Genova
6/40 - 8/1941 Italian Navy requisition as F.32
Seized by German forces at Saseno on 11/9/1943
Sunk after a boiler explosion on 1/2/1944 at S. Pietro (Spalato), wreck broken up in 1955
and a correction came from from Marijan Zuvic ...
1944 - On February 3rd suffered boiler explosion while sailing in Brački Kanal channel. Heavily damaged and sunk on lat 43.27 N long 16.27 E, some 500 meters off village of Suhi Potok on Dalmatian coast, 12 km SE Split.
1955 - Scrapped underwater by Brodospas.
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