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NURTURETON, completed by Short Bros in June 1929, yard no. 436 for the Carlton S.S. Co. Ltd., managed by R. Chapman & Son.
The photo is from ‘The Wonderful Story of the Sea’, published by Odhams Press in the 1930s.
As the caption suggests, she stranded in thick fog near Dungeness on 5/1/1931 on a voyage from the Tyne to Italy with coal, and broke in two. However, the statement that she was repaired in Tilbury disagrees with the WSS publication ‘Chapman of Newcastle’ by John Lingwood and Harold Appleyard which states that the two halves were towed to Rotterdam for the re-build after some legal wrangling.
So either the photo was not taken in Tilbury (I suspect it was), or she was docked first in Tilbury for some initial work before being towed to Rotterdam for final joining. Does anyone have more details of the re-build?
According to Lingwood & Appleyard, the aft end was refloated a month after the grounding and beached on Mucking Flats on the Thames, the fore section was not moved until April and was berthed at Tilbury.

As NURTURETON she can be seen in the background of the SULEV picture on the ‘Mercantile, Jarrow’ thread
Subsequent history –
1953: ERIKA FRITZEN – Johs. Fritzen & Sohn, Gemany.
1960: MONGKOK – Oriental Steel & Rolling Mills Ltd., Hong Kong (Panama flag).
2/8/1960: Arrived Hong Kong to be broken up by the owners.

From my early shipping records, it seems I saw MONGKOK on the Tees in May 1960.
She arrived light from Emden on 19/5/1960 to tie up at No. 6 Deep Water buoys, and she had moved to Dent’s Wharf to load steel by the 22nd. She moved back to the same buoys on the 30th before sailing for Hong Kong via Antwerp on the 31st. Most likely this was the start of her last voyage to the Far East.
(Info. from contemporary columns of ‘Tees Shipping’ from the Middlesbrough ‘Evening Gazette’. It’s amazing what you can find in my loft !)
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Nice one Mike, definitely Tilbury from the background. Maybe the 'legal wrangling' is the clue, docked here and if there was some argument over costs to be paid by insurers then maybe a Rotterdam company came in with a better quote and it was worth moving her again.
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