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SEP 1973
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J.L.Thompson yard number 690. Launched as "Tiderace" Launch 30.08.1954. Commissioned in January 1956. A fleet replenishment tanker
Taken to the Tyne for fitting of two Pametrada Turbines and Babcox Wilcox Boilers then returned to Sunderland for completion.
Broken up Bilbao 1976. Apparently the name change was solely to avoid confusion with other ships.:Three of these ships were involved in the 1956 Suez conflict. When one was found to be short of fuel it was ordered back to Malta where, on its return, it was found that the wrong ship had returned :lol: To avoid any further confusion the name was changed to Tideflow in 1958.

Comprehensive history of the ship can be found on the excellent "Historical RFA" website
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How on earth does a tanker, especially an RFA tanker, run out of fuel. Patently the gauges were poorly calibrated and everyone was racing around giving the customers some extra flowing liquid gold. Forgot the old adage, tide one's self over.

I remember this Tideflow well in the Far East 1971 when i thought she was old then being launched in '54 (good vintage) although at only 17 years she was a youngster compared to RFA Reliant at a year older whilst the carrier HMS Eagle was 25 and on her swan song tour with us in the Glamorgan her main escort much of the time.

In fact we in Glamorgan left Port Elizabeth 27 June '71 to transit the Indian Ocean where we were first fuelled by RFA Dewdale off Madagascar followed by our first fuel encounter with Tideflow off the Seychelles with provisions from Tarbatness then a stop at Gan for fuel by the resident RFA Wave Ruler and finally a top up from Tidesurge off Sumatra before arrival at Singapore on the 8 July.
This was achieved at an average 23 knots by the only County class ever based in GUZZ.
Thats all folks. Sean.
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