Lightship No 72

Lightship No 72

Postby Sunderland Tugs » Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:24 pm

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Neath Abbey Wharf
Lightship No 72, launched from John Crown's, 30th March 1903. After seeing the post on here titled "A suitable case for preservation", I couldn't agree more. I've started an appeal fund and a facebook page to raise awareness of this precious and very rare example of Sunderland shipbuilding that is still in existence. She served Trinity House for 69 years, including service off the D Day beaches in 1944/45 while providing safe passage through German minefields off Juno beach and was named Juno during this time. I visited her in April 2016 and met her owner who would let us have her for about 40k. If anyone is interested, her facebook page is here ... 4/?fref=ts and her Gofundme page is here

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Cheers, Anthony.
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Re: Lightship No 72

Postby northeast » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:36 am

Anthony, you have a commendable and worthy ambition for her, but I fail to see how an existing owner could expect £40,000 for her, that seems to me to be a crazy price for her as she lies. If he refloated her, made sure she was watertight and delivered her to a safe berth then maybe £20,000 topsides? After all she has little by way of scrap value and would have to be moved even for that.
I have some experience with Heritage Lottery, they can sometimes provide 'priming funds' ahead of a full submission, but would need to see at least outline business and activity plans including a secured berth with public access at Sunderland. I would happily donate personally but not into a 'dream scheme' as it is at this stage.
Cheers, George
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