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The lovely veteran CONQUEROR in 1954 .... with the same pesky seagull that insists on swooping in front of my own camera!!!
Photo from TEESSHIPS archives, origin unknown, but contributed by Dave Martin:

Her history, from 150 YEARS OF THE MALTESE CROSS by John Proud:
CONQUEROR, 177gt, built 1884 by Hepple & Co., North Shields (on River Tyne), yard no. 386, for William Sandford of Gravesend; circa 1890 sold to French owners and renamed CONQUERANT; circa 1904 sold to Mrs R. Lennard of Middlesbrough and reverted to name of CONQUEROR; 1905 sold to B.O. Davies, Middlesbrough; circa 1910 sold to J. Nicholson, Leith; 1913 sold to Victor A. Cappon, Dundee; 03.1917 purchased by Robert Redhead & Son Ltd., Newcastle; 08.1929 transferred to Redhead & Dry's Tugs Ltd., South Shields; 05.1944 transferred to France, Fenwick Tyne & Wear Co. Ltd., Newcastle (and Sunderland) [and shown in their familiar colours above]; 05.1956 sold for £2150 to British Iron & Steel Corporation and allocated to J.J. King & Co. Ltd., Gateshead to be broken up.

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