T.I.C. Hoppers No.18 & No.20

T.I.C. Hoppers No.18 & No.20

Postby northeast » Tue May 22, 2012 7:01 am

T.I.C. No.18
1921, 592grt
Fleming & Ferguson, Paisley (473) for the Tyne Improvement Commission
1965 MILLSIDE, Joseph Carney & Sons, Sunderland
Broken up at Dunston, arrived 05/10/1972

T.I.C. No.20
1923, 598grt
Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Jarrow (941) for the Tyne Improvement Commission
Broken up at Antwerp 04/1967

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Re: T.I.C. Hoppers No.18 & No.20

Postby magoonigal » Tue May 22, 2012 12:19 pm

The background has changed a bit since these pictures were taken!

No 18 is heading up-river having just passed the Co-Operative Warehouse on Newcastle Quay. The Co-Op is now the Malmaison Hotel and is the only Quayside Building remaining in that area. In modern times she has just passed under the Milleneum Bridge.

No 20 (1) is going downstream and she has just passed under the Tyne Bridge and is passing Hillgate Quay which was used for many years by the Tyne Tees Steam Shipping Company for its Coastwise and Continental Traffic. Those of you that remember 'The Boat' would have been frequent visitors to this Quay in more recent times. Looking up now you would be looking at the Hilton Hotel and the Sage.

No 20 (2) Had to think about this one but I think its taken from Newcastle Quayside and we are looking at the section between Hillgate Quay and Ranks Flour Mill. The space now occupied by HMS Calliope. Again looking up now you would be looking at the Sage. No 20 is going down stream.
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