BELLA (1906)

BELLA (1906)

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USS Bella, a 1272 gross ton cargo ship, was built at Newcastle, England, in 1906. In February 1918, while in commercial service as S.S. Bella, she was purchased by the Navy. Placed in commission in mid-March at Paulliac, France, she was employed as a support ship for Navy aviation units in Europe for the rest of World War I and for the first three months following the November 1918 Armistice. In February 1919, though remaining in Navy service, Bella began working for the U.S. Army, carrying cargo on the Gironde River, France. Returning to the United States in November 1919, she was decommissioned in February 1920 and sold in August of that year.
foundered 26.37N/74.40W 18.6.22 [Baltimore-Jamaica, ballast]

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Dave also uses this same photo.
Photo from TEESSHIPS archives, origin unknown (U.S. Navy), but contributed by Dave Martin. Captioned: At Pauillac, France, during the First World War. Note camouflage pattern painted on her smokestack, and possibly on her after deckhouses. The hulk of the old French coast defense ship Furieux (launched 1883) is in the center background. The original print, received from Naval Air Station, Pauillac, following World War I, had the following caption: "U.S.S. Bella carried half of the construction supplies sent from here to other stations."
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