YSE goes to Holland

YSE goes to Holland

Postby RichardP » Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:24 pm

Back home again after yet another lark in the sun.....

Ah, you say, so YSE are not imune from this summer's wonderful weather....but wrong again, the SUNLARK was photographed at Antwerp on 16/06/2007 on a non YSE outing. SUNLARK of Kingstown (VCT) 1044gt Built 1984 by A/S Nordsovaerftet, Ringkobing (173) Former names - 03-Maris, 97-Stella Maris, 95-Johanne, 92-Trueton, 90-Jotun.
The sun shone some of the time, so just to prove it, here is the view from Stena Transit at the Stena terminal at the Hook of Holland. Stena Britannica had just arrived on the day sailing from Harwich as we loaded for the return crossing.

In fact the sun shone more on the Humber than on the New Waterway, a few snaps are in the lower Humber section of the forum.
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