LUCY - Kettleness

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LUCY - Kettleness

Postby northeast » Wed May 23, 2012 7:04 pm

This one is captioned ' LUCY on fire at Whitby, 1942'. Postcard by Doran Brothers of Whitby

Thanks went to Paul Hood for digging out these details ... also to Ron Young via Terry Whalebone for the same identification.

The Swedish vessel LUCY went aground near Kettleness on either the 25th (Larn) or the 28th (Whitby in Old Picture Postcards) of December 1930. Some fifteen months later on the 22nd March 1931 the Lucy was burnt out at Sandsend, Whitby, which is when the picture was taken.

Voyage Grangemouth to Bordeaux.
Cargo. Pitch.
Crew 18.
Drove ashore in heavy weather, with a SSW breeze and moderate seas. She commenced to flood through holes in her bottom plates, and the crew abandoned ship the moment the Whitby lifeboat arrived on the scene.

Official Number 77191 Ex MAGDEBURG
1451 Gross; 1122 Under Deck; 779 Net.
Special Survey Leith 1922 and 1927. Port of Survey Hull.
Built 1910 by the Greenock and Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ltd., Grangemouth (yard number 320)
Owners. Rederiaktiebolaget Lucy Mgrs G. H. Dalgren.
234.8 x 36.0 x 16.5 ft. P21' Q118' F26'
Reg. Helsingborg. Sweden.
T.3Cy of 334 NHP by Richardson's, Westgarth & Co Ltd Mdb.
Wrecked 12.30
Info. 1930 Reg.
1927 Register has her as the MAGDEBURG owned by the Leith, Hull and Hamburg Steam Packet Company Limited.
Mgr J Currie & Co. Date of Sale to Sweden 1929.
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