The end of BERGE STAHL

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The end of BERGE STAHL

Postby northeast » Thu Jun 30, 2022 5:58 am

Not a shipwreck, but interesting to note the demise of a ship much-photographed at Rotterdam.
She was renamed GEOSTAHL in 2021 and broken up at Gadani Beach, commenced 09/07/2021.
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Re: The end of BERGE STAHL

Postby Hornbeam » Wed Jul 20, 2022 4:11 pm

Best place for her although at least she made it to the Scrappie a lot of her contemporaries as members are aware George did not and are at the bottom of the Briney, awful Ships, far too big, I wonder how many times she had to have a team of Welders aboard during her lifetime or were they part of permanent Crew. I visited one which was moored along from us in the Botleck, she had only done a couple of trips from new and had cracked from No 5 Hatch Coaming to her Gunwales both Port and Starboard.
Their only saving grace was the Crew facilities which were superb including a Fully fitted Gym, Ear Muffs were provided so you couldn't hear them cracking, that "Baton" has has now been passed onto the huge Container Ships which are now suffering from similar problems and it is part of the Engineers routine to check for cracks in their Ballast Tanks.
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