Scarborough early 1920s

Scarborough early 1920s

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The Scottish Herring Fleet is in town.
This is a postcard sent by my Aunt to my Grandmother, postmarked August 1931.
Scarborough harbour.jpg

Some vessels identified are – in the foreground
VINE (PD 156) o.n. 118876, 77 grt drifter built 1904 by Smith’s Dock, N. Shields. Originally VINE INS 573, and KY 127 from 1911; 1918 renamed Red Rover and VINE PD 156 in 1919. Finally registered as FR 209 and scrapped in 1952.

GOLDEN WEST (BF 63) o.n. 127373, 88 grt, built 1914 by J & G Forbes Ltd., Sandhaven and Fraserburgh. In 1924 she was registered as FR 59 and she was scrapped 1952.

On the extreme left, the funnel of locally registered
SCORPIO (SH 270) o.n. 94080, 145 grt built 1888 by Earl’s of Hull as the trawler VIRGO (GY.150). In 1906 regd. as GY144, then 1909 became SCORPIO (GY467). 1916: Registered at Scarborough (SH270). Being broken up 12/1935.

In the row behind, on the right is
CRAIGHAUGH (FR 95) o.n. 125354, 89 grt, built 1914 by J & G Forbes Ltd., Sandhaven and Fraserburgh. 1950 registry closed vessel scrapped.

To her left is
CLANS (BF 191) o.n. 127387, 89 grt built 1914 by Montrose Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. She was still in MNL 1940.

I can’t make out any others using a magnifying glass, but the above sets the date of the photo between 1919 and 1924.
(Thanks to Douglas Paterson & Gil Mayes via for details.)
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