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Smit Sentosa

Postby Whickham » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:11 am

SMIT SENTOSA inwards 22/04/2018 with barge UR 902 for A&P at Hebburn
SMIT SENTOSA sailed a couple of hours later for Kristiansand, leaving the barge at A&P's Bede Quay.
UR 902 is alongside the barge GREENBARGE 1 which came in 21/04/2018. Barge UR 93 is scheduled to join them on the 24th.
What's happening at A&P?

Smit Sentosa.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Smit Sentosa-2.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Smit Sentosa-3.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Smit Sentosa-4.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Smit Sentosa-5.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Smit Sentosa-6.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Smit Sentosa-7.jpg
Photo by Kevin Blair

Yard: Guangxi Guijiang, Wuzhou
Year: 2013
IMO: 9662356
Fate: Still in service
Data courtesy of Miramar
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