Commercial and pleasure craft of the Yorkshire coast


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I wonder how many on this Site remember this vessel, she was moored on a Grid (which is still there) in the inner Harbour alongside Vincent Pier, we were moored directly on the opposite side of Vincent Pier.
A somewhat expensive attraction by Scarborough Council not only the initial purchase of the vessel from the film company who made the original “Treasure Island”but also the construction of the Grid which she settled on at low tide, she was fitted out with numerous Fish Tanks exhibiting Fish and other Marine Creatures from around the World.
As flying to Foreign parts was beyond the pockets of most families looking at some of the weird looking species was an amazing sight.
I hope the Scarborough Ratepayers got their money back when she was sold after all the expenditure bearing in mind the project did not last that long from 1950 till 1954, she went on to Star in the Film “Moby Dick”
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