TID 149

Richard Dunston's shipyard at Thorne

TID 149

Postby Whickham » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:38 am

TID 149 as STRAITS PROGRESS is on the left side of the photo.

Photo courtesy of Buster Browne

TID 149
1945, yn 570
Fate unknown
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Re: TID 149

Postby tidesman » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:22 pm

T.I.D. 149 c/s GLTB
O.N. 180439. 54g. 0n. 65.0 x 17.0 x 7.4 feet.
C.2-cyl. (12½” and 26” x 18”) by Worsley Mesnes Ironworks Ltd., Wigan. Boiler by Davey, Paxman and Co. Ltd., Colchester. Oil fuel. 220 IHP. 8½ knots.
Post 1972: Caterpillar D343TA type, with Kort-nozzle. 400 bhp @1800rpm.
5.1945: (Ministry Job No. A/MS/1066) launched by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne (Yard No. 570) for the Ministry of War Transport, London, (Stanley Lancelot Tottle, Hull, manager at the Ministry).
30.6.1945: Registered at Hull, vessel No.52 of 1945.
12.7.1945: Completed.
13.7.1945: Allocated to the South East Asia Command.
11.1945: Shipped to Hong Kong, on EMPIRE MARSHAL (7,750g/45), for the Admiralty.
8.2.1946: At Singapore.
4.1946: Owners restyled as the Ministry of Transport, (Stanley Lancelot Tottle, Hull, manager at the Ministry).
31.5.1946: Employed with the Victualling Stores Officer, Singapore.
2.9.1947: Declared for disposal by the British Pacific Fleet.
31.3.1948: Permanently allocated to harbour duties under the Captain of Dockyard, Singapore.
1.6.1948: British Mercantile Registry closed, consequent of transfer to the Admiralty.
1951: Listed as under the Far East Command.
3.4.1971: Under the “Dudley Terms” allocated for free transfer to the Government of Singapore.
7.4.1972: Sold to the Straits Engineers and Contracting Co. Ltd., Singapore and renamed STRAITS PROGRESS.
1972: Rebuilt and re-engined for employment at Papua, New Guinea.
Final fate unknown.
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